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Deliveries, Bottle Returns & Recycling
Below you can find out more about how to make changes to your deliveries as well as learn about bottle returns & recycling.
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How will I know when to expect my delivery?
We will email you a delivery reminder 5 business days prior to your upcoming water delivery so you can confirm your order and add any additional products you would like to receive. You can access your up-to-date delivery schedule online at any time by clicking here. If your delivery day falls on a holiday, it will automatically be corrected on your schedule.
What if I live in a secure building?
We currently deliver to many buildings, which have different levels of security. There is a good chance that your route driver is familiar with the security issues involved in delivering to your location. In rare cases where security measures make it impossible for us to make deliveries, we will cancel your account at no charge.
Do I have to be at my home or office to receive my delivery?
You are only required to be at your home or office to receive a delivery if we are arriving to set up or pick up a water dispenser.
Can I change the number of water bottles I receive per delivery?
Yes, you can change the number of bottles and types of products you would like delivered by editing your order through our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click on the Products section in your online account and simply add any product to your next delivery.
How do I add, skip, and reschedule deliveries?
We've made it convenient for you to make changes to your upcoming deliveries through the My Deliveries section in your online account. From there, you can select the specific delivery that you’d like to skip. To reschedule, simply create a new delivery on the desired delivery day. Skipped deliveries may be subject to certain fees and restrictions, see Terms and Conditions of Service section for details.

If you find that you need more products, you can easily schedule an extra delivery to get caught up. Go to the My Deliveries section of your online account and click on Create an extra delivery. It's a great way to plan for upcoming parties or warmer weather!
What do I do with my empty bottles?
Every delivery, we’ll pick up your empty 3 & 5-gallon bottles. Just place them at the prearranged location that you will choose at the beginning of your service with ReadyRefresh®.

Our 3 & 5-gallon bottles are returnable and in some areas you may be charged a small bottle deposit for each full bottle of water you receive. We will promptly credit you for each empty bottle you return to us.
Are your 3 and 5 gallon bottles recycled and reused?
In an effort to reduce waste and care for our environment, Nestlé Waters North America has instituted various programs that decrease the amount of raw materials used in our bottling process. Among these programs is the reuse of our 3 and 5 gallon containers — in fact, our company leads the industry in the reuse of these containers. They are returnable, and can be washed, sanitized and re-used many times over their lifespan. We recycle these bottles ourselves in our home & office delivery business, using extensive inspection and sanitation procedures.
Are your plastic bottles BPA-free?
All of our single serve bottles from 8 ounces to 3 liter, as well as our 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon bottles are completely BPA-free. Our 5-gallon bottles are now made of PET #1 plastic (except Ice Mountain® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water) which is also BPA-free.* Our 3-gallon bottles are currently made from polycarbonate #7 plastic, a strong, clear and reusable type of plastic, which may contain trace levels of BPA. The FDA has recently again confirmed the safety of BPA for current approved uses in food containers and packaging. Based on consumer preference, we are planning to transition our 3-gallon bottles to BPA-free plastic bottles in the near future.
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