Nestle Waters FAQ


Control your Deliveries

Customize your delivery schedule and see what products are being deli​vered directly to you. Easily schedule new delivery dates and times and view products that you have coming in current and future deliveries.

Scheduled deliveries

View your monthly calendar displaying past, present and future delivery dates. Have your reoccurring product list readily available so you can keep track of all your orders.  We've also added important weather updates to ensure you always have the right amount in your upcoming delivery.


Dates marked in blue on the calendar represent current scheduled deliveries that are in our system.

Yellow dates represent pending deliveries which are in the process of being confirmed.

Click the set up a new delivery button to easily add a new delivery.

My Recurring Products

Do you have orders being delivered every week or month? Easily modify a single or reoccurring delivery to better your fit the changes in your lifestyle.