Nestle Waters FAQ


​Smart navigation

Have all your service function features in one place with Smart Navigation. Shop and search for products, view or change deliveries and manage your account.


Our product categorization tool helps you to fine tune the specific products for all your hydration needs. Whether it is water, tea, coffee or supplies, shopping is made simple by helping you navigate directly to what you're searching for.


Not sure what beverage options to choose from between water, tea or coffee? We've created sub categories within each larger section, helping to guide you towards ordering the right products for your home or office.


Save on many products with feature offers on your favorite items. Go directly to the product and add it to your cart with the offer attached.

My Deliveries

Easily manage or change your delivery information all in one spot. Edit your chosen products, change your delivery date and time.

See exactly when your next deliveries are scheduled for and what products are being delivered.

View and edit the quantity of products being delivered.

Add new products to your existing or future deliveries.

Change the date and time of your delivery to better fit your schedule.


Our service site has been optimized to include the ability to find products using your preferred product terms. Search through our Support section to easily find the answers to your frequently asked questions.


With new product description enhancements you can find products more easily by narrowing down your search with keywords.


Use the search bar function to find answers to your questions.

Delivery Widget

The Delivery Widget is a full view of your selected products, including the quantity, price and times they are being delivered. Within the delivery widget, view and have the ability to change existing or future orders. It helps you to minimize clicks and maximize hydration.

My Account

Manage multiple accounts and billing information through the My Account feature. Edit your profile settings to ensure you're using the correct payment method.

You can even see how long you have been a loyal customer with ReadyRefresh®.